Anodot Introduces Anomaly Detection Tool


Tool uses machine learning on time-series data; aimed at the ad tech, e-commerce, IoT, and manufacturing industries.

Real-time analytics company Anodot announced last week that their automated anomaly detection tool has exited stealth and is now available. Aimed at ad tech, IoT, manufacturing and e-commerce verticals, the tool uses machine-learning algorithms to detect problems and find opportunities with time-series data.

“There is a huge opportunity to disrupt the BI market by enabling automated and real-time insights into big data pools of metrics and KPIs,” said Tal Barnoach, Anodot board member.

The product flags anomalies in data and assesses how “off” the data is, and for how long, and provides alerts and visualizations.

The goal of the tool is to reduce or eliminate data analysis lag from batch processing by generating real-time insights that companies can use for instant decisions. The tool is already being used by companies like Wix, a website development company, and Avantis, an advertising technology company.

Anodot, based in Israel, also announced Dec. 9 that they received $3 million in Series A funding, bringing total funding to $4.5 million.


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