B-Scada Eyes Predictive Maintenance With New Software


B-Scada has updated its Status Enterprise software to enable predictive maintenance uses.

Global software and technology company B-Scada announced the roll out of Version 4.0 of its Status Enterprise software in a Nov. 2 release.

According to B-Scada, the latest version boasts more predictive maintenance tools and functionality. Version 4.0 offers the ability to generate work orders from real-time data and the Computerized Maintenance Management System model is compatible with automated interfaces that meet the ISA-95 standard.

The company said the system works for Internet of Things uses, such as monitoring large numbers of assets, and supports a wide variety of sensors and data sources. The software also provides visualization tools and the ability to embed dashboards on any device, and offers solutions for a variety of industries, including building automation, oil and gas, power, transportation, and manufacturing.

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