Checkpoint Systems Joins With Microsoft for Inventory Control


Checkpoint will integrate their merchandise RFID platform with Microsoft’s Azure IoT and cloud. The target? Retail inventory control, supply chain, and sales.

Checkpoint Systems, a company that offers inventory control solutions to the retail industry, announced a partnership with global tech company Microsoft.

The collaboration has brought the company’s RFID Merchandise Visibility solution for inventory control using Microsoft Azure Cloud and Checkpoints IoT platform, the OAT Foundation Suite, which is a middleware platform. The result is being dubbed Sense + Respond, and according to their Jan 11 announcement, will give multi-channel retailers real-time insights and predictive analytics for supply chain, inventory control, and sales optimization.

Data analytics along with merchandise visibility through use of RFID allows retailers to reduce out-of-stock costs and “know what consumers want” when they come to shop, Checkpoint states.

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 “Retailers are increasingly deploying sensor solutions for real-time insights at each step in the shopping journey, whether online, on mobile devices or in brick and mortar stores. Checkpoint’s Sense + Respond solution running on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite integrates RFID and enterprise systems into an intelligent cloud,” said Brendan O’Meara, managing director of worldwide retail and consumer goods at Microsoft.

Checkpoint says the new tools will increase customer engagement, supply chain flexibility and data mining/predictive analytics capabilities. It will be made available sometime in Q1 of this year.

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