Smart Bra: Fitness Wearable or IoT Laughable?


A useful thing or a ridiculous thing?

Gartner has predicted that the “smart garment” industry will grow from 0.1 million units to 26 million units in 2016. One of the latest pieces of clothing to emerge from this category is a “smart bra” that counts calories burned, heart rate, as well as breathing patterns.

Manufactured by OmSignal, the smart bra records data from a sensor-filled black box that snaps into the lower band of the bra, along the rib cage, according to an article in the Verge. The data is then streamed to the OmSignal mobile app.

OmSignal, which also makes workout shirts for men, states that the bra has a “splash-proof” shell that is “high-support” yet “runway-ready.”

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Another company in the fitness wearables market is Seattle-based Sensoria, which makes smart socks that measure foot-strike patterns as well as a sports bra. Athos, meanwhile, manufactures smart workout clothes that measure heart rate and muscle activity.

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