Solace and DataTorrent Announce Partnership


They’ll join forces to bring their customers real-time analysis of streaming data.

Data movement company Solace Systems and real-time data analytics company DataTorrent have announced a strategic partnership.

Under the partnership, Solace’s messaging hardware and software will enable streaming of very large volumes of information from diverse sources into DataTorrent’s RTS, an open-source platform for stream and batch processing on Hadoop.

Solace and DataTorrent said that Hadoop 2.0 has generated higher interest in moving from batch-based to real-time analytics among companies, with one application being predictive maintenance. DataTorrent RTS is an open source solution, built on Hadoop. Solace, meanwhile, acts as a “shock absorber” to eliminate sudden and unexpected bursts of information, ensuring that data is never lost and delivered sequentially.

Solace stated that its “reliable messaging” capabilities have use cases in market data, inventory information, sensor readings, and emergency alerts. In July, SAP selected Solace’s message router technology into SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, an in-memory technology for processing real-time data.

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